BLOG   Most real estate investors are familiar with the famous “Three Ts” of real estate. These are the biggest headaches landlords have to deal with: Tenants, taxes, and toilets. But I’d like to propose that these Three Ts add up to the BIG T. What’s the Big T? Tolerance! A landlord can only tolerate so much hassle from tenants, taxes, and toilets until they decide they can’t put up Read More
  Categories : Education  Comments Off on #1 Source of Long Term Capital   Back in 2008, the real estate industry went down the tubes, and it stayed there through 2009 and 2010. Prices kept dropping, and things got worse and worse. During those years, I had conversation after conversation with other real estate investors, and the question everybody kept asking was, “How bad is it going to get?” One of the reasons investors were so blindsided by the crash of 2008 Read More
  Categories : Education  Comments Off on With “Shadow Inventory” It’s Deja Vu All Over Again I’m not a big “motorhead” or racing fanatic. But I’ve been to some races and I’ve even gotten to hang out in the pits where I watched the pit crews in spring into action. It’s amazing to see them change all four tires on a race car faster than I can clean my own windshield! In a similar way, I’ve seen a lot of businesses that struggled the same Read More
  Categories : Education  Comments Off on What Good Is a Car with a Flat Tire? Right now, the market is giving us the rare opportunity to fix our sins. All indicators are telling us that we’re experiencing a crash in slow motion, so NOW is the time to unload all the low-quality assets that are holding you down. Our executive team interacts with the highest level operators in the industry. And we’re all in harmony on the need to act fast to sell any Read More
  Categories : Education  Comments Off on We Are In A Slow Motion Crash In 2008, the year of the big crash, there were 5 million rental properties foreclosed on. They became the property of the banks and mortgage companies and were called REOs (real estate owned). They were sold primarily to investors rather than consumers who were going to live in the house. Why were these investors who didn’t have real estate backgrounds putting so much money into real estate? It was Read More
  Categories : Education  Comments Off on The Best Passive Alternative Investment is Real Estate Notes