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What You Need To Know To Protect & Grow You Assets As A Mortgage Note Investor

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I’m Eddie Speed, and I founded NoteSchool to help investors like you learn a whole new dimension of real estate investing. I’ve taught thousands of people the amazing earning potential that comes by owning the note instead of the property.

I’ve been teaching this for years, and I’m offering a class that will open up huge potential for your short and long term earning. Because when you learn more, you earn more!

No matter what area of real estate investing you do now – rental properties, flipping houses, or whatever – learning the money-making potential of notes will make you a smarter real estate investor in whatever you do. Many students soon refocus their investment strategy once they learn the many advantages of owning the note instead of the property.

Imagine if you could avoid the headaches of real estate investing but keep the profits. And instead of getting one payday from a deal, imagine getting dozens for years to come. That’s what this class will teach you how to do!

Many of our students have a real estate background, but many of our students have no real estate investing experience at all. Well, this is the class that will help you get started the smart way. And we’ll teach you how to get started with very little start-up money.

In my 37-year career, I’ve purchased over 40,000 notes. When you combine the experience of my entire NoteSchool staff, we’ve been involved in over $3 billion in discounted real estate mortgage notes. This class is like looking over our shoulder to see how we do it on a daily basis. We train and mentor new investors, and we love introducing seasoned, savvy investors to a whole new method of making money.

If you’re already a real estate investor, you’re no doubt aware that the inventory of potential investment properties is drying up. But the inventory of notes to invest in is booming! Here’s your chance to learn how to jump into the next stage of your career.

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Let’s Start the Conversation: 888-847-9353 |


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